Hi There!

I'm Josh McCord, a software engineer currently working on some .NET platforms at work and a custom game engine in my free time.

Software Interests

I actually have a pretty big divide when it comes to my work and personal tech interests. At work, I primarily work as a full-stack engineer. I have experience in Ruby and GraphQL, and I currently work with C#, .NET, and Vue.JS. I have more experience with back-end technologies and tends to be what I enjoy the most.

In my personal time, I tend to enjoy other technology. The main project I'm working on is a game and game engine written in C++. At this point in time, I think I can safely say C++ is my favorite programming language, it has it's quirks and frustrations, but ovreall I find it a ton of fun to use and learn. On the other hand, I am trying to learn functional programming and I've always been drawn to the Elixir language (which is what this website is written with!). So I am trying that out, and so far loving it.


I attended the Georgia Institute of Technology from 2018-2021, where I got a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. My degree specialized in Computer Graphics and Networking. Some of my favorite classes were Intro to Computer Graphics (I then became a Teaching Assistant for this class), Procedural Content Generation, and Computer Animation. I also did a little bit of research with Professor Greg Turk on Generative Adversarial Networks. You can see the small (un-published) write-up we made in my Work Section.


My big hobbies are coffee, reading, and games. I absolutely love coffee and am currently diving into the rabbit hole that is espresso. Here's my current gear list:

  • Niche Zero Coffee Grinder
  • Flair Pro 2
  • Kruve EQ Glasses
  • ACME Cappucino and Demitasse glasses
  • Although I love the Flair, I'm really looking into upgrading to an E61 machine, notably the Profitec Pro 400! Some of my favorite coffee roasters are Counter Culture and Vibrant Coffee.

    In addition to Coffee, I've been trying to get back into reading. Most notably, I've gotten into Sci-Fi, and have blazed through Isaac Asimov's Foundation and Robot books. I dabble a bit outside of Sci-Fi and read some Albert Camus, and working my way through Manufacturing Consent and Infinite Jest.

    I also love games!

    I also have a cat named Juno (named after the Synthesizer) who is an adorable little gray cat who loves sunbathing and watching Cat TV from her cat tower.