1. Software Engineer - Comcast

    Used the .NET stack, including C# and Microsoft technologies such as Azure, to architect and implement robust and scalable software solutions.

    Developed and maintained a VueJS frontend, crafting intuitive and responsive user interfaces for seamless user experiences.

    Implemented functionality to generate Excel and PDF reports, leveraging appropriate libraries and APIs to provide valuable data insights to stakeholders.

    Actively participated in the transition of legacy software to modern implementations, employing best practices and innovative techniques to modernize the codebase and improve overall system performance.

  2. Software Engineer - Groundfloor

    Utilized Ruby and GraphQL to architect and develop the backend API for Groundfloor Finance, enabling seamless communication between the server and client applications.

    Applied Test Driven Development (TDD) principles to create new features and address bugs, resulting in improved code quality and user experience.

    Assumed a leadership role towards the end of tenure, guiding the design and development of a new experimental product aimed at diversifying revenue streams for the company.

    Actively participated in code reviews, providing constructive feedback to peers and contributing to a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.

  3. Undergraduate Research Assistant - Georgia Institute of Technology

    Collaborated with Professor Greg Turk on research investigating the behavior of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) when trained on constrained datasets.

    Implemented manual data augmentation techniques, including translations, color alterations, and other transformations, to expand the constrained datasets and evaluated their impact on GAN training using Python and the StyleGAN2-ADA implementation from Nvidia.

    Analyzed experimental results, identifying patterns and trends to draw meaningful insights regarding GAN behavior under constrained conditions.

    Documented research procedures, experimental setups, and findings in a comprehensive report, contributing to the research project's documentation and knowledge base.

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  4. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant - Georgia Institute of Technology

    Assisted in teaching and mentoring students in CS3451 - Computer Graphics at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

    Conducted weekly office hours, providing individualized guidance and support to students in understanding course concepts and completing programming projects.

    Assisted in grading exams and assignments, ensuring a fair and accurate assessment of student performance.

    Worked closely with the course instructor and fellow teaching assistants to develop instructional materials, including assignments and coding examples.